Permanent Jewelry

Ready. set. SPARK.

We are so excited to bring the experience of permanent jewelry to our collective. We use the highest quality 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver chain for our permanent pieces that are new and unique as a part of our offering. 

We are currently booking private events including bachelorette parties, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. Our aesthetic set up will add a touch of elegance and excitement to your event! MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE


 Classic Chain  price Luxe Chain  price
Bracelet $50 Bracelet $60
Anklet $55 Anklet $65
Necklace $70 Necklace $80
Waist Chain (optional clasp) $90 Waist Chain (optional clasp) $100


We offer special discounts for groups and events larger than 20 people - please email us the details of your event for more information!